The Best Coffee Shops in Noida Sector 18 for Coffee Lovers

Best Coffee Shops in Noida Sector 18

From Starbucks to Blue Tokai, Noida Sector 18 is heaven for coffee lovers. Whether you want to go for a coffee date, read a book, or work on your startup, coffee shops are ideal places to spend quality time. The fresh coffee aroma, slow Lofi music, and the sounds of utensils from the kitchen in the background make a coffee shop a unique place to spend a few hours. Noida Sector 18 has several coffee shops, and their numbers are increasing. I have visited all the coffee shops in this location. Based on this experience, I am sharing a list of the best coffee shops in Noida Sector 18.


Barista Coffee Shop is located in the Main Market of Sector 18 opposite Wave Mall, Noida. Their vibrant colour palette of orange and white makes Barista attractive. Along with a cosy small space to sit, you can enjoy your coffee outside the shop. In Noida sector 18, Barista has a diverse menu from the most loved Cappuccino to Iced tea, Mojito, Smoothies, and various food items such as Pocket Sandwich. At Barista Cafe, you can order non-coffee items, such as hot chocolate, Assam tea, green tea, etc.

Starbucks (3 Outlets)

Starbucks has recently opened its cafe in Sector 18 (near Vijay Sales). Besides this, Starbucks is on one ground floor, DLF Mall Of India, and is available on the second floor. Starbucks is known for its service signature roasts, light bites, and WiFi availability. You’ll find many coffee options, from Frappuccino to Cold Brew, at Starbucks. They also have a food menu; make sure you check them out. It is a great place for coffee lovers to enjoy their time working since the store offers free WiFi with good speed.

Dunkin ( 2 Outlets)

Located at B-14 Ground Floor, Sector 18, Noida, Dunkin is great for coffee lovers. They have a variety of coffee drinks and food to eat. Their coffee drinks are a little cheaper than the rest of the coffee brands, but the aroma and taste of Dunkin coffees are the best (at least for me). They feel fresh and refreshing. Dunkin doesn’t offer free WiFi.

Another Dunkin’ coffee shop is inside the DLF Mall in India. The mall’s Dunkin has a huge space, but the one located near Hong’s kitchen has a small sitting space, ideal for at least 20 people. The service is great, the coffee is great, and the food is great, too.

McDonald's McCafé (2 Outlets)

McDonald’s now has a cafe section in all the outlets, and its coffee is cheap and good quality. The McCafe menu contains items, like Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Chai Latte, Espresso Macchiato, Espresso, Flat White Coffee, etc. To enjoy McDonald’s McCafé, visit any McDonald’s in Noida Sector 18. One store’s address is P-16, Maharaja Agrasen Marg, Atta Market, Pocket I, Sector 18, Noida; the second is inside the DLF Mall of India.

The Reader's Cafe

The Reader’s Cafe is located at P-15, 1st Floor, Sector 18, Noida, with a diverse range of coffee and food items. As the name suggests, this cafe is ideal for bibliophiles or bookworms. The cafe has many books to read; you don’t need to carry your own but enjoy the coffee sips with a book. Apart from coffee, they have a diverse food menu that you can try. 

Blue Tokai

The location of Blue Tokai in Noida Sector 18 is P-9, Ground Floor, Sector 18, Before Underpass Entry, near RBL Bank. It is also the best place for coffee lovers. Similar to other cafes, Blue Tokai also offers Cappuccino, Espresso, Americano, etc. They have a diverse menu of food, too. The vibe of Blue Tokai is artistry, as you can find several artworks on their walls. Overall, the vibe is good; if you visit this place during the evening at weekends, it may sound a little noisy because of the small space.

Open Menu

Café Coffee Day (CCD)

India’s oldest and largest coffee chain, CCD or Café Coffee Day, is in the DLF Mall of India. Besides, coffee serves food to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The timing of CCD in Noida Sector 18 is 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM. You can try several CCD Originals on their menu, such as Inverted Cappuccino, Tangerine White Chocolate Cappuccino, and Turmeric Ginger Cappuccino.

 Open Menu

Pret a Manger

Newly opened in May 2024 in DLF Mall of India, the Pret a Manger is a London-based Sandwich and coffee brand. Pret is popular for its sandwiches, but their coffee tastes good too. They claim to have freshly prepared food and organic coffee. The items were a bit expensive, but they were worth paying for as they tasted good. They have a huge sitting area, and you can enjoy their coffee there. Note: When ordering Cappuccino, inform them not to add sugar by default.

Third Wave Coffee

Located in DLF Mall of India, Noida Sector 18, Third Wave Coffee is an Indian coffee brand. The ambience, customer service, and even price are great at Third Wave Coffee. Their Classic Cold Coffee with Whipped Cream is a must-try. They generally run offers for first-time users, so if you do it for the first time, download their app earlier for faster ordering.

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee is a UK-based brand based on the first floor of DLF Mall of India, Noida Sector 18. Its menu includes hot drinks, iced coolers, sweet snacks, and sandwiches. The store opens at 11 AM and closes at 11 PM every day. The average price range for a drink is ₹200 to ₹400.

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