7 Wonders of India (2024)

7 Wonders of India

Seven Wonders of India (2024)

Just like wonders of the world, there are a total of seven wonders of India which includes various human made monuments and architectural structures. 

Hampi, Konark sun temple and there are such more wonders in India you should know about. Whether you are coming from outside of India or living in this country, these 7 wonders of India will amaze you once you visit them.

Seven Wonders of India with Name and Location

A list of Indian wonders along with their name and locations are given-below.






Shravanabelagola, Karnataka


Harmandir Sahib Darbar Sahib/Golden Temple

Amritsar, Punjab


Taj Mahal

Agra, Uttar Pradesh


Hampi Pampa-kshetra / Kishkinda-kshetra / Bhaskara-kshetra

Vijayanagara, Karnataka


Konark Sun Temple Black Pagoda

Konark, Odisha



Near Patna, Bihar


Khajuraho Kharjuravāhaka

Chhatarpur District, Madhya Pradesh

1. Hampi- Bellary, Karnataka

Hampi- Bellary, Karnataka, 7 wonders of India

Hampi is among one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites which is renowned for its group of monuments. It is surrounded by 500 monuments. It is one of the most famous historical places of India.

Why it is a wonder: As per the UNESCO, the Hampi qualifies for three eligibility criteria, those are – Criterion (i), (iii), (iv). Apart from this, Hampi is special because of Monkey Temple, Riverside Ruins, Archeological Museum, Vijaya Vittala Temple, Virupaksha Temple, Royal Enclosure, and Queen’s Bath.

Best Time to Visit: October to March.

How to reach: There are three mediums you can use to reach Hampi, Bellary, Karnataka.

  • it is 167.3 km away from the site.
  • By rail: The nearest railway station to Hampi Karnataka is Hospet railway station and it is located 13 km away.
  • By road: If you want to visit Hampi via road you will have to cover a total of 343 Km distance from Bangalore via NH 48 and NH 50.

2. Gomateshwara- Karnataka

seven wonders of India, Gomateshwara- Karnataka

Gomateshwara is a statue made with a single stone only. The Gomateshwara statue is dedicated to Jain’s religious god Bahubali. It is located in Shravanabelagola in Karnataka which is open for all to visit. Another interesting fact about this statue is that it is free-standing; meaning, the  Gomateshwara structure is standing without any external support.

Why it is a wonder: It is a wonder because it is one of the world’s largest monolithic statues which is not only made with single stone but standing without any support. Also, the Mahamastakabhisheka is a fest which happens after every 12 years in this temple. As a ritual, the statue is polished with milk, saffron, and ghee so that the rock’s shimmer and luster can be maintained.

How to reach:

  • By air: The nearest airport to Gomateshwara is Mysore Airport which is 94.5 km away.

  • By rail: The nearest railway station is Shravanabelagola which is well-connected with major cities such as Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Pune, and more.

  • By road: Those who wanna drive their own vehicle to reach the temple can use the NH 75 to cover the distance from Bangalore which is 144 km.

3. Harmandir Sahib Golden Temple- Punjab

Golden temple or Harmandir Sahib is a holy place dedicated to Sikhism. It is a famous place in India where about lakhs of people visit daily. Golden temple or Darbar Sahib is open for all the visitors and its four entrances symbolizes the sikh belief in equality very well. 

The construction of Harmandir Sahib Golden Temple is very unique as its upper part is covered with gold and the remaining part is of White Marble. Apart from this, there is a belief of many that visiting the Golden temple is equivalent to 68 Hindu pilgrimage sites in the Indian subcontinent [Source]. 

Including all of these things make the Golden temple Seven Wonders of India.

Why it is a wonder: There are many things that make it a wonder such as Guru ka Langar which is fully volunteer-based and it feeds about a million people every single day. In addition to this, Hari Mandir, Amrit Sarovar, and Central Sikh Museum make this siren a wonder of India.

Best Time to Visit: All the time – whenever you want.

How to reach: Golden temple can be reached using rail, airplane, or bus/car. To get more insights of how to reach there, continue reading.

  • By air: The nearest airport to Harmandir Sahib Golden Temple is Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport (ATQ) which is situated 11 km from the city-center. If you want to reach Golden temple by air you can easily do it as there are daily domestic flights in India as well as some direct flights from some international cities are also there.


  • By rail: The nearest railway station to Golden Temple Punjab is Amritsar Railway Station. Since Amritsar railway station is connected to most of the Indian cities one can easily reach there.

By road: If you want to go there by road you can either drive your own vehicle or can take a bus. Whether you are from Delhi, Shimla, Jammu or any other city, you can book a bus to Punjab easily to reach the Golden Temple.

4. Khajuraho- Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho- Madhya Pradesh, 7 wonders of India

Khajuraho which is located in MP or Madhya Pradesh is one of the seven wonders of india. Similar to other sites in this list, the Khajuraho is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site which qualifies for Criterion (i) and (iii). Khajuraho is popularly known for its erotic sculptures and medieval Hindu and Jain temples. Khajuraho is visited by lakhs of national and international tourists every year.

Why it is a wonder: Khajuraho is considered as a wonder because of its group of monuments and sculptures depicting supreme romance and eternal love.

How to reach: The transportation facility is very good at Khajuraho as it has its own airport and railway station.

5. Konark Sun Temple- Odisha

Seven wonders of India

The Konark Sun Temple was designed to serve as a place of worship and also as a calendar to track the movements of the sun. It was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the Criterion (i), (iii) and (vi). Konark sun temple is one of the seven wonders of India not only because of its architectural designs but it is also famous for its erotic sculptures. The sculptures depict various aspects of human life, including love, sensuality, and fertility.

Why it is a wonder: Konark Sun Temple is a wonder for its group of monuments, the sun clock and sculptures that depicts human life, including love, sensuality, and fertility.

How to reach:

By air: Bhubaneswar Airport is the nearest airport for Konark Sun Temple which is situated 64 km away.

By rail: Puri which is 31 Km away from Konark Sun Temple is the nearest railway station.

By road: Konark sun temple is well-connected to the road and therefore, one can take a bus from Puri, Bhubaneswar, and other cities to reach the temple.

6. Nalanda- Bihar

Nalanda, Bihar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it qualifies two criterias: Criterion (iv) and (vi) of UNESCO World Heritage. Between the 7th century BCE and 1200 CE it used to be a learning center where students across China, Korea, Central Asia, and Tibet used to come. Nalanda is also known as one of the world’s oldest universities.

Today, visitors from across the world come to India and visit Nalanda, Bihar; especially, those who are history enthusiasts visit this place very often as Nalanda and its rich history entice them. Due to these reasons, Nalanda is in the list of Seven Wonders of India.

Why it is a wonder: Apart from its rich history, Nalanda is a wonderful site to visit because of its outstanding architecture, monasteries, temples, and viharas. Surya Mandir, Nalanda Archaeological Museum, Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall, and The Great Stupa are also there in Nalanda, Bihar.

How to reach:

  • By air: Since Nalanda is near to Patna city, the nearest Airport to Nalanda is Lok Nayak Jayaprakash International which is 97 km away from the site.
  • By rail: The nearest railway station to Nalanda is Rajgir which is located 12 km away from the Nalanda site.
  • By road: Those planning to visit Nalanda using their own vehicle or bus can go there from various cities such as Rajgir, Bodhgaya, Patna, Pawapuri, Bihar Sharif, and more.

7. Taj Mahal- Uttar Pradesh

Taj Mahal- Uttar Pradesh wonders of India

The Taj Mahal isn’t only India’s seven wonders but a wonder of the world. Taj Mahal is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it qualifies for criterion (i). Meaning it is a masterpiece of human creative genius. Agra Taj Mahal is a renowned symbol of Love which was built by Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal.

Why it is a wonder: Grand entrances and marvelous architecture along with its rich history make it a wonder of India and the world.

How to reach:

  • By air: The nearest airport to the Taj Mahal is Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi which is about 220 km away. Apart from this, Kheria Airport in Agra is located about 12.5 km from the heart of the city, and is well-connected with Delhi, Varanasi, and Khajuraho.
  • By rail: The 5 main major railway stations in Agra are – the Agra Cantonment, Agra Fort,  Raja-ki-Mandi, Idgah Agra Junction, and Agra City. All these five Agra railway stations are well connected to cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, and other several cities of India.
  • By road: Those wishing to visit the Taj Mahal Agra by road can take a bus or can travel with their own vehicle. From Delhi, the Agra Taj Mahal can be visited via Yamuna Expy and NH 19.

Frequently Asked Questions

The name of 7 wonders of India is Gomateshwara, Hampi, Harmandir Sahib Golden Temple, Khajuraho, Konark Sun Temple, Nalanda, Taj Mahal.

Gomateshwara is the 1st wonder of India.

Yes, you can visit all the 7 wonders of India because all of them are open to the public. However, keep in mind that each wonder has their own visiting time and so, you should plan your visit to the seven wonders of India according to the time.

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