EOD Adventure Park Ticket Price 2024

EOD Adventure Park Ticket Price

Note: The EOD Adventure Park Mayur Vihar Ticket Price has been revised for 2024. Go through this article to get complete details of EOD Adventure Park Ticket Price.

The EOD Adventure Park Ticket Price also varies between weekdays and weekends, and there is a facility for an annual pass. You can book the EOD Adventure Park ticket from the official eodindia.com website. The starting price of the ticket is Rs.300.

Note that the EOD Adventure Park offers various Ticket Prices for all their combos. Adventure combos offered by EOD Park are Adult Combos, Kids Combos, Explorer Combos, and many more.

After thoroughly researching and analysing the official EOD India website, we have mentioned the details of EOD Adventure Park Ticket Prices for all the combos and various facilities.

EOD Adventure Park - Key Points

Types of EOD Adventure Park Tickets 2024

Since each EOD Adventure Park combo has a limited activity their ticket prices vary. There are nearly 6 combos within Adult Combos and one under the kids combo at EOD Park.

1. Adult Combos

Anyone above 4 feet is eligible for these tickets as they come under the adult combos one has an opportunity to choose from a wide range of combos to enjoy a day with fun and adventure activities.



Killer Combo


Supreme Combo


Conqueror Combo


Ultimate Combo


Explorer Combo


Adventurer Combo


2. Kids Combo

Children Below 4 feet in height are eligible for these tickets however, it is not valid on special days. The kid combo has only one combo containing 7 activities such as Jungle House, Outdoor Ball Pool, Rain Dance etc. EOD Adventure Park Ticket Price for kids combo is rupees 300.

2024 EOD Adventure Park Ticket Price for Weekdays

eod adventure park tickets

The number of visitors is very low on weekdays at EOD Adventure Park. Those who have planned their visit to EOD Park must be aware of what facilities will be available on weekdays and how much money they have to spend to enjoy weekdays at EOD Adventure Park. Here are complete details about ticket prices and combos available on Weekdays at EOD Adventure Park.

Weekdays (Mon-Fri)

If you plan to visit EOD Adventure Park on weekdays then you have an opportunity to experience the Bowling, Archery, Board Games, rain dance, etc. You can enjoy your weekdays at EOD Park by purchasing a ticket for any one combo Killer Combo, Conquer and Adventurer Combo. The EOD Adventure Park Ticket Prices for Killer Combo, Conquer and Adventurer Combo are mentioned below along with the activity that is allowed within the purchased combo.

  • Killer Combo in ₹700/-
  1. Bowling (10 Shots)
  2. Zip Line
  3. Table Tennis
  4. Tree Top Course
  5. Meltdown
  6. Body Zorbing
  7. Basketball
  8. Archery (5 shots)
  9. Rain Dance
  10. Zip Cycle
  11. Trampoline Park

*All the above activities are available for unlimited time, except Laser Tag.

  • Conqueror Combo in ₹500/-
  1. Bowling (10 Shots)
  2. Zip Line
  3. Table Tennis
  4. Meltdown
  5. Body Zorbing
  6. Basketball
  7. Archery (5 shots)
  8. Rain Dance
  9. Laser Tag
  10. Zip Cycle
  11. Trampoline Park

*All activities are allowed once.

  • Adventurer Combo in ₹300/-
  1. Archery (5 Shots)
  2. Treetop course
  3. Basketball
  4. Rain Dance
  5. Meltdown

*All activities are allowed once.

EOD Adventure Park Ticket Price for Weekends

EOD Adventure Park Weekend Ticket Price

The EOD Adventure Park Ticket Prices for Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are a little higher than on weekdays. Also, the combos that are available on weekends are different than weekdays. The Delhi EOD Park on weekends offers Adventurer, Ultimate and Supreme combos. The pricing of combos available on weekends at EOD Adventure Park Delhi are as follows:

Weekends (Sat-Sun & Holidays)

On weekends you can enjoy rain dance, boating, darts, bowling, etc. at EOD Park. However, the activities have been bundled into three different combos that are Adventurer, Ultimate and Supreme.

  • Adventurer Combo in ₹300/-
  1. Archery (5 Shots)
  2. Treetop course
  3. Basketball
  4. Rain Dance
  5. Meltdown

*All activities are allowed once.

  • Ultimate Combo in ₹600/-
  1. Zip Line
  2. Zip Cycle
  3. Tree Top Course
  4. Archery
  5. Rain Dance
  6. Bowling
  7. Table Tennis
  8. Trampoline Park
  9. Meltdown
  10. Body Zorbing

*All activities are allowed once.

  • Supreme Combo in ₹800/- [Weekend Combo]

The Supreme combo is a special weekend combo that contains various activities which are divided into one-time activities and unlimited-time activities. The total cost of a weekend combo at EOD Adventure Park is ₹800.

  1. Zip Line
  2. Bowling (10 shots)
  3. Meltdown
  4. Body Zorbing
  5. Zip Cycle
  6. Archery
  7. Treetop
  8. Basketball
  9. Rain Dance
  10. Table Tennis

EOD Annual Pass

The Every Other Day Adventure Park offers annual passes for those who want to visit the EOD Adventure Park regularly throughout the year. The EOD annual pass is non-transferable and so, the pass holders will have to visit the EOD Park with their government ID. Also, pass holders are eligible to visit the park for an unlimited time till their annual pass is valid.

1. EOD Annual Pass

The validity of the EOD annual Pass is one year which costs Rs.2000. This annual pass facilitates a 15% discount on selected food outlets at EOD as well and all activities are included in every single visit.

2. Kids Annual Pass

The kids’ annual pass costs Rs.1000 which includes unlimited kids activities throughout the year and it is valid for one year only. This pass is best for kids who are below 4 feet in height.

Here are the terms and conditions you should consider before buying an annual EOD Adventure Park Ticket.

EOD Annual Pass Terms and Condition
(Source: EOD India official website.)

Custom Pricing for Events and Groups at EOD Adventure Park

EOD Adventure Park Ticket Prices for group visits and Events are different. For this purpose, one has to contact the EOD Park through the official EOD India website, i.e. www.eodindia.com.

How to Reach the EOD Adventure Park Delhi?

Once you are done gathering the details of EOD Adventure Park Ticket Price, you may be required to know how to reach EOD Adventure Park Delhi. There are various ways one can reach EOD Adventure Park Mayur Vihar, Delhi.

  • Using Metro:  Those who are planning to reach the EOD Park using the metro need to use either the Pink Line or Blue Line. The EOD Adventure Park Nearest Metro Station is the Mayur Vihar 1 Metro Station.

  • Using Bus: The DTC bus runs across Delhi so those who are planning to use the Delhi Bus to reach the EOD adventure park can use the bus services.

  • Using Private Car/Cab: One of the easiest transportation methods to reach the EOD Adventure park could be private car/cab.

E-O-D Adventure Park Do’s and Don’ts

To enjoy an adventurous day at E-O-D Adventure Park, here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts you should consider while going to the Every Other Day Adventure Park Mayur Vihar Delhi.



Each one should have an entry ticket to the EOD Adventure Park.

EOD Entry tickets are non-transferable so, don’t try to share them with anyone.

Capture your fun activities to recall them later as smartphones are allowed inside the EOD Park.

Heavy and professional cameras such as SLRs are chargeable so get permission from the EOD before bringing them to the Adventure Park.

For an easy and smooth entry and exit process to the EOD Adventure Park, carry a valid identification document such as an Aadhar Card or passport, etc.

Don’t bring outside food to EOD Adventure Park to maintain cleanliness.

EOD Adventure Park: Terms & Conditions

  • Park timings are subject to change therefore, confirm the timing before planning your trip to EOD Adventure Park Mayur Vihar Delhi.
  • Weight/age and height are major factors based on which Entry into activities are restricted. Confirm the same before going to the Park from the ticket counter or Telephone helpline.
  • Each guest must have one ticket to enter the Park.
  • DSLRs and professional equipment are chargeable to carry in the EOD Park.
  • Tickets are non-refundable.
  • Parking is free, but it is solely at the owner’s risk.
  • Park authorities or management can take the visitor’s pictures and use them for advertisement and promotional purposes. Guests can inform the Park by emailing them at ‘promotions@eodindia.com’ with the reference/link of the image to remove.
  • The Park is not responsible for loss of any personal belongings so take care of your belongings on your own.
  • Rain or any natural phenomenon may result in the cancellation of all activities.

Read the complete terms and conditions of the EOD Adventure Park here.

About EOD Adventure Park

EOD Adventure Park is home to various fun and adventurous activities such as boating, bowling, archery range, plus rope courses, etc. However, to enjoy these activities one has to buy an EOD Adventure Park ticket which prices also vary; the EOD Adventure Park Ticket Price on weekdays and weekends are different.


The Delhi EOD Adventure Park ticket price starts from Rs.300 to Rs.2000. However, most adventure activities come under a combo or package which costs a maximum of Rs.800 including taxes. The Rs.2000 is for the annual pass at EOD Delhi and Rs.1000 is for the Kids annual Plan.

The annual ticket price of EOD Park Delhi is Rs.2000 for regular visitors whereas Rs.1000 for kids annual pass.

Based on combos available at EOD Adventure Park the ticket and its prices vary. The entire EOD Ticket is divided into Adult Combos and Kids Combos. There are about 7 types of ticket plans at EDO Adventure Park.


This article has been prepared referring to the following sources.

  1. https://www.eodindia.com/

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